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Swiss immigration expertise
Simplify your journey with tailored advice for the complex and dynamic Swiss immigration landscape.
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Who can benefit from our services
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We offer immigration help for everyone looking to start a new chapter or build a future in Switzerland.


Whether you're an expat considering long-term residency or seeking citizenship, a family aiming to begin life anew together, or a student aspiring to reach academic success, our tailored assistance is here to support your journey.

Our services assist you in seamlessly settling in Switzerland, guiding you through each step towards your goal.

How we help
We specialize in simplifying the complexities of Swiss immigration, ensuring a smoother path for individuals and families starting a new chapter in Switzerland. We provide personalized support tailored to your unique needs. Here’s how we can assist:
Immigration Consultation
Understand Your Options:
Every journey is unique, and understanding your specific situation is crucial. Our one-on-one consultation session offer you the opportunity to explore your options for staying in Switzerland. Whether you're looking to work, join family, or enjoy retirement, we're here to clarify the process and outline your next steps.
200 CHF / h 
Outsourcing Service
Streamline Your Application:
The key to a successful immigration application is in the details. Our outsourcing services cover all essential document preparation, especially the creation of motivation letters personalized for you. We simplify the complex paperwork process, ensuring each document precisely meets your application's requirements for a seamless path to Swiss residency.
200 CHF/hour
A maximum price estimate will be provided after initial case evaluation.
Why us
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Our in-depth knowledge of immigration processes improves your application's prospects for success
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From initial consultation to application submission, we offer a full range of services to cover all your immigration needs
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We equip you with the latest in immigration law, enhancing your application and decision-making
What we offer

Change to B Permit  
(L to B, S to B)

Smoothly transition from one permit to another, whether from L to B or S to B, with our knowledgeable support

Cross-border permit G

Obtain or renew your cross-border permit G for seamless daily transitions

​Swiss citizenship

Begin the path to Swiss citizenship with our expert guidance on naturalisation applications

Extension of permits

Extend your time in Switzerland confidently, with our help every step of the way

Family reunification​

Unite your family under one Swiss roof with our compassionate and efficient reunification services

​Post-separation stays

Stay rooted in Switzerland after life changes, like separation or divorce, with our support

C Permit

Secure your permanent settlement in Switzerland. C Permit grants non-citizens unrestricted living and working rights across all cantons

Student permit​

Navigate the student permit process with ease, opening doors to Swiss academic excellence

​Status S

We're also equipped to manage the specifics of S status applications and more

Book Immigration
Schedule your consultation
Share the details of your immigration journey using the form below. We will carefully review your submission and contact you via email to schedule a personalized video consultation.

Our consultation service is available at an hourly rate of 200 CHF.
Pricing for outsourcing services will be customized based on your individual case.

We will get in touch shortly!

Types of residence permits in Switzerland

L Permit: short-term residents

The L permit is issued for limited periods, suitable for temporary jobs, post-study internships, or medical treatments. It's typically the initial permit given to non-EU professionals with limited job contracts or those engaging in self-employment.


B Permit: resident foreign nationals

The B permit is designed for international residents staying in Switzerland long-term, for specific reasons, whether they are working or not. It provides a comprehensive option for residency and employment for skilled workers, EU/EFTA nationals, families looking to reunite, and those who are retired.


C Permit: settled foreign nationals

The Swiss C permit grants non-Swiss citizens permanent residency, enabling unrestricted living and working anywhere in Switzerland, including the freedom to change jobs or work independently without specific authorization. After five or ten years of residence, foreign nationals can obtain this settlement permit, which offers indefinite stay without conditions. 


G Permit: cross-border commuters

This permit is issued for nationals from EU/EFTA countries who live in an EU/EFTA state and work in Switzerland, whether as employees or self-employed. As a general rule, these commuters are required to return to their primary residence outside Switzerland either daily or at minimum, once a week.

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May 16, 2024

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