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1.1 A-LINK GMBH (herein after called A-LINK) provides ancillary services and / or acts as an agent on behalf of their clients in the submission of applications for work permit to the appropriate institutions and / or authorities.

1.2 All services and agreements with A-LINK are based exclusively on these business terms and conditions. Even if they are not expressly referred to again, they also apply to all future business relationships with A-LINK.

1.3 General business terms and conditions of the customer that deviate from these business terms and conditions do not apply to orders submitted to A-LINK or to agreements or contracts entered into with A-LINK.

1.4 Deviations from these business terms and conditions are only effective if A-LINK has confirmed them in writing.

1.5 A-LINK is entitled to adapt Terms & Conditions should the need arise. Customers will be informed in written form prior to the adaptation. The submission of an application to A-LINK by web, post, fax, email, constitutes agreement to these Terms & Conditions, including amendments thereto, by the customer.



2.1 A-LINK services include the support in the submission of work permit applications and / or documents for authentication to the applicable authorities in Switzerland. A-LINK begins providing the services after it receives the order for it by the customer as well as the necessary documentation for work permit application and / or documents for authentication.

2.2 A work permit may be cancelled at any point in time after the work permit grant letter is issued if it is discovered that the information provided to A-LINK and in turn to the authorities for the purposes of the work permit application is deemed to be false and / or misleading information. In the event of a work permit being cancelled on such grounds, A-LINK will bear no responsibility for any costs, grievances, liabilities or any other outcomes suffered by the clients that results from the cancellation of a work permit application arranged through A-LINK.



3.1 If the documents identified in Section 2 cannot be transported by A-LINK but by third parties appointed by A-LINK, this is done at the sole risk of the customer. However, A-LINK is obligated to assign the right of recourse against third parties to the customer upon request.

3.2 A-LINK will complete orders assigned to it with due diligence and care. However, a guarantee by A-LINK for the issuance and the quality of a work permit or authentication is excluded.

3.3 A-LINK cannot influence: any decision made by an authority; any requests for additional information before finalising a work permit; any delay by an authority in the issuing of a work permit; or a decision to refuse to grant a work permit.

3.4 A-LINK aims to process the work permit application in the timelines committed to in its promotional materials. A-LINK will use its best endeavors to minimise any delay or inconvenience caused in this respect. However, A-LINK does not guarantee time guidelines for any work permit application. A-LINK will not be held responsible should the authorities or any other third party change their rules, regulations or processing requirements if that change has a direct effect on the timeline for delivery.

3.5 Users of our services are responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the information they provide. A-LINK shall not be liable for any losses, damages, or harm arising from reliance on incorrect or incomplete information provided by users. Users agree to indemnify and hold A-LINK harmless from any claims, losses, liabilities, or expenses (including legal fees) incurred due to their provision of incorrect or misleading information. If users become aware of any incorrect information provided within our services, they are encouraged to report it to A-LINK promptly.

3.6 A-LINK does not provide legal advice: Please take note that A-LINK services are not intended to offer legal advice. A-LINK does not provide legal consultations, and the information provided within A-LINK services should not be considered as a substitute for professional legal counsel. 



4.1 A-LINK is entitled to compensation from the customer for the orders processed by it. The amount of compensation consists of a one-time fee of 650.- Sfr. and a success provision fee.

4.2 The success provision fee is due for payment to A-LINK if the authorities have decided in favour of the customer of A-LINK and provided a written confirmation. This fee amount is 4'500.- Sfr.

4.3 A-LINK offers the option to pay the success provision fee in instalments of equal amount. Under this option, the customer agrees to pay this fee within 4 months from the start date of employment for which the work permit in question was issued. In this case, an additional charge of 5% of the success provision fee is charged with the last instalment.

4.4 The compensation amount and the fees payable to the respective authorities by A-LINK must be paid to A-LINK on or before the date the order is placed, unless otherwise agreed. A payment from the customer is only regarded as having been received when A-LINK has the funds at its disposal.

4.5 A-LINK operates a strict no refund policy for all ancillary services and products.

4.6 A-LINK will not be held responsible for costs incurred du­­e to a delay in the work permit process due to circumstances outside of our control.

4.7 All prices are quoted in Swiss Francs and the respective rate required by law.       

4.8 Unless otherwise stated by A-LINK, all payments have to be done in full within 10 working days (after invoice issuance date) to a post or bank account of A-LINK. In case of delayed payments, a reminder fee of 20.00 CHF (per reminder) will occur.



5.1 The place of fulfilment for all obligations arising from the business relationship with A-LINK is Zurich (Switzerland).

5.2 The place of jurisdiction for all disputes that arise directly or indirectly from the contractual relationship between A-LINK and the customer is Zurich (Switzerland).

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