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Connecting global talent and Swiss companies

We help companies thrive by making it easier for international talent to work and live in Switzerland.

Our story

At A-Link, we are driven by a vision of a world where teams can seamlessly come together. We bring personal perspectives, having navigated the immigration challenges as international graduates, expats, founders and hiring team members. 


Alfiya Shamisheva

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Tetiana Gagarina

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The change we want to make

We have experienced first-hand how immigration complexities can block both talent and companies from reaching their full potential. In 2019, we set out on a mission to make a difference in this and started A-Link. Our journey is about solving problems, building connections and enabling dreams. 

Our values

We strive to surpass expectations, ensuring excellence defines every step of our work and customers’ journey. 


We believe in transparent communication with our clients, building the trust for strong partnerships.


We challenge the status quo and actively seek opportunities for growth, empowering our team and customers alike. 

Let’s shape a future where top teams easily come to work together and innovate!
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