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We help companies thrive by making it easier for international talent to work and live in Switzerland
A-Link is the easiest way to get work permits for highly qualified graduates, professionals and founders.
Our clients:
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Outsource it to us or be guided
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Gain knowledge
Learn all about Swiss work permits,. We simplify complex regulations, offering solution-oriented help and answering questions specific to your case.
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Swiss work permit verification
Receive a personalized assessment of chances for securing a work permit. 
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Save time and avoid stress by outsourcing to us
We handle the complexities of work permit-related, which saves you time. We take care of the process from the beginning to the end. 
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Success-based pricing
Our motivation is to obtain a work permit – this is also reflected in our success-based pricing, what emphasizes our commitment to results. 
Swiss work permits made easy

Are you a Swiss employer looking to hire international talent?

Are you a professional seeking answers for your specific work permit situation?

Are you approaching a job opportunity or have a job offer and need a work permit?

Perhaps you're an entrepreneur ready to kickstart your own venture?

With A-Link, you're in the right hands.

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We offer tailored services for both individuals and companies.

Whether you're navigating personal career moves or enhancing your team with global talent, we've got you covered with our consultations. If you are a company based in Switzerland, we provide hassle-free outsourcing of the work permit procedure, letting you focus on what you do best. 

work permit services
Our work permit services
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Work Permit Outsourcing 

Outsource the work permit procedure to A-Link when hiring international talent or starting your own company. Contact us to receive your personalized case assessment and quote for our service. 


CHF 3’000 – 6’500 per case,

payable in the event of success

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Work Permit Consultation  

Whether you're looking to hire, have received a job offer, or have specific questions about your work permit prospects, get personalized help. Book a meeting with us for assistance with work permits. We'll guide you through the details, simplifying the process for you.


1 hour

CHF 200

How it works
Work Permit Outsourcing

We specialize in simplifying the process, allowing you to outsource the procedure to us and focus on your business. Expand your talent pool with us in three steps:


Book a call

Contact us to receive a personalized case assessment and a quote for our services. We understand that each situation is unique, and our experts tailor our services to meet your specific needs.


Outsource to us

Entrust the work permit procedure to A-Link by granting us the power of attorney, relieving yourself of the complexities and ensuring a streamlined experience.


Get a work permit

Our fees are success-based, aligning our success with yours. The cost ranges from CHF 3'000 to 6'500 per case, payable in the event of a successful outcome. Our transparent pricing reflects our commitment to delivering results.

Work Permit Consultation 

In our 1-1 consultations, we will provide you with personalized help with work permits. We'll guide you through the details, making the process understandable and easy for you. This service is right:

For employers 

If you are hiring international talent in Switzerland, we will evaluate the success chances for the work permit and timeline for a specific case and advise you about the hiring process.

For job offer holders or future employees 

If you are nearing a job opportunity or already have a job offer and need a work permit, we will provide a detailed overview of the procedure and answer all your specific questions. We'll assess your chances  and assist you in navigating this topic with your employer. 

For founders 

If you are considering establishing your own company in Switzerland, we are here to support you with all work permit questions, minimum requirements, and the overall timeline for the process.  

Still not sure how to proceed? 

Contact us for possible partnerships and the full range of our services for employers.

What is the right work permit for you?

Work permits for professionals

Designed for international professionals seeking employment in Switzerland. 

Application Process: Requires a job offer from a Swiss employer to initiate the application process.


Work permits for graduates of Swiss universities

Tailored for international graduates completing their studies at Swiss universities. 

Application Process: Allows employers benefit from an exception in verifying the availability of local candidates for the job position.


Work Permits for self-employment

Geared towards individuals establishing and operating their businesses in Switzerland. 

Application Process: Involves demonstrating business viability and meeting criteria outlined by Swiss authorities.


Change of employer for B- and L-work permit holders

Applicable to B-permit and L-permit holders, holding temporary residence status. 

Application process: Requesting a change of employer, involving notification to authorities and obtaining approval for the new employment.

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Meet us at events

Info session for PhD & Postdocs

@EPFL, Lausanne

May 16, 2024

Panel discussion with alumni

@ETH Zurich

March 26, 2024

Panel discussion with experts

@ETH Zurich

October 19, 2023

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