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Your Swiss immigration partner
Whether you're an enterprise, start-up, student, or professional, we ensure a seamless experience for your work permit, residence, and job search in Switzerland.
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Our clients:
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Connecting international talent and Swiss companies
 Benefits for
Non-EU graduates and professionals 
Unlock your Swiss opportunities

Learn all about Swiss work permits, residence and immigration procedures from our experts. We simplify complex regulations, offering solution-oriented help and answering questions specific to your case.

Swiss work permit verification

Receive a personalized assessment of your chances for securing a work permit. If you profile aligns, we will issue a Work Permit Verification letter for you, which you can attach to your job applications. 

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Boost your Swiss job search

Get training from top recruitment professionals in Switzerland. Gain insights on maximizing interview opportunities, securing job offers, and optimizing your CV and job search strategy as a Non-EU candidate. 

 Benefits for
Swiss employers 
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Save time by outsourcing to us

We handle the complexities of work permit-related administration, which saves you time. We work on your behalf, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Cost control with our success-based pricing

Our motivation is to obtain a work permit for your company – this is also reflected in our success-based pricing and emphasizes our commitment to results. 

Attract and retain top global talent

Ensure you don't miss out on qualified Non-EU candidates, enriching your team with global skills and meaningful diversity. With our help, create a positive immigration experience for seamless onboarding.

Our services
Our services
for individuals and companies

Job search

Are you a Non-EU professional or student looking for a job in Switzerland? We’re here to support you:

  • Assess your chances of getting a Swiss work permit 

  • Get your work permit outsourcing options

  • Get local career advice for international professionals and students

Work permits

We offer outsourcing services as well as expert advice for the work permit procedure. This service is for:

  • Employers looking to hire Non-EU citizens in Switzerland 

  • Non-EU citizens holding a Swiss job offer 

  • Those looking to start a company or self-employment activity in Switzerland


Get expert advice on:

  • Immigration status

  • Permit changes

  • Studying in Switzerland 

  • Family reunification 

  • Retiring in Switzerland 

  • Permanent residency

  • Swiss passport

  • And more 

Here's what our clients are saying...

Vincent Martinez

Co-founder & CEO


I highly recommend A-Link to any founder or professional seeking reliable and efficient immigration help. The team’s ability to turn a complex process into a seamless journey and their commitment to success-based pricing truly set them apart.


Srishti Savkur from India

Graduate of a Swiss University

Hired as a Digital Business Developer

A-link was incredibly helpful in securing my Swiss work permit. My chances as a Non-EU citizen were very slim. But with their guidance and process management, and against all odds, I was successful in receiving a permit! I highly recommend A-link to any individual hoping to secure a job and work permit in Switzerland.

Meet us at events

Info session for PhD & Postdocs

@EPFL, Lausanne

May 16, 2024

Panel discussion with alumni

@ETH Zurich

March 26, 2024

Panel discussion with experts

@ETH Zurich

October 19, 2023

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