A-Link has a track record of delivering professional service in the process of obtaining Swiss work permits for Non-EU graduates. Read about some of the success stories and how A-Link helped to kick-start international careers in Switzerland.

During my studies in Zurich I started to search for the information regarding the work permit procedure in Switzerland. The information was often contradicting and not giving the full picture. 

When a fellow student of mine recommended me A-Link, I immediately set up an introduction session. After I saw, that they specialise in cases just like mine, I didn't hesitate to take their help. Now I’m working full-time in Zurich and being very thankful to A-Link for their timely and professional support.

Tanya from Ukraine | MSc ETH Zurich
Result: Project Engineer at CSD Engineers in Zurich

While I was studying in Zurich, I received a job offer from a small Swiss technology company. The company HR function had limited capacity. Hence I went for A-Link who assisted the HR and provided the expertise in hiring Non-EU professionals. They consulted my employer on the permit procedures and created the full application dossier. This saved a lot time and gave more certainty in the procedure. I would highly recommend A-Link for receiving professional support in hiring international graduates. 

Anya from Belarus | MSc ETH Zurich
Result: Process Development Engineer at MMS AG  in Zurich

I was impressed by the professionalism of the A-Link team and would definitely recommend them to all Non-EU prospective graduates who want to increase their chances of working in Switzerland.

Jeta from Kosovo | MSc University of Zurich
Result: Analyst in Switzerland